Sleep is a much-coveted enterprise. And as researchers learn more and more about its purpose – and the fallout of not getting enough – the importance of getting a good night’s sleep becomes even clearer. A new study by Johns Hopkins researchers shows that there’s a difference between sleep that’s long but interrupted and sleep that’s … Continued

The technology attracted attention earlier this year when the team published an online paper showing how they harvested energy from Wi-Fi signals to power a simple temperature sensor, a low-resolution grayscale camera and a charger for a Jawbone activity tracking bracelet. (Representative Photo: Shutterstock) An Indian-origin team of engineers from the University of Washington has developed … Continued

Some of India’s top technology companies are slashing prices for marque clients, raising fears of irrational pricing becoming the norm in traditional outsourcing deals as clients shift to newer technologies such as cloud computing. Top executives including the chief executives of Infosys, Wipro and US-based have acknowledged that the deep price cuts being offered to … Continued