Google is god of internet search. Basically, Google is a data-crawling machine. But what exactly Google know about you? You will must be access a lot stuff on internet like – online shopping sites, social sites, blogs, some restricted sites and more. Some sites provide you good privacy, but not all the sites available on internet. Let’s started. How does Google see you?



1. How does Google see me?

Google bot is so smart and always try to serve relevant ads to you. It doesn’t matter if you are on YouTube, Gmail, Blog or Google search. Google knows you, your language, your country and which language you speak. All the information is stored in your Google Ads profile.

2. Did I search on for on Google?

Google knows what you searched for and on which ads you clicked. Ever. Not only the regular Google search but also Google Maps, Images or news (amongst others). It’s nicely stored and categorised in your search history. In addition to all search queries you can also check how many search queries you did in total and at which days or time you perform most searches. Pretty scary, huh?

3. Which Devices access my Google account?

Got hacked? Do you suspect somebody to stalk you? Google lists all devices that accessed your Google account. You’re able to revoke access to protect yourself from others logging into your account. This is also helpful if your device got stolen as you’re also able to see the last 3 locations where the devices have been accessed.

4. Which Google services am I using?

Your Google account is linked to huge amount of services. Google provides an overview of all of those in the Google dashboard The cool thing about it? You’re able to change settings for all the services in this dashboard and are even able to get a monthly report. Doing so, you can easily see if somebody has access to your Google account and is using it for purposes that you don’t want or are not aware of.

5. How can I download all my data from Google?

Google offers the possibility to download everything it stored for you like bookmarks, YouTube videos or your Blogger blogs. Interested? Check the Google takeout.