Elasticsearch is a search server based on Lucene. [Apache Lucene is a free and open-source information retrieval software library, originally written in Java by Doug Cutting]. It provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. Elasticsearch is developed in Java and is released as open source under the terms of the Apache License. Elasticsearch is the most popular enterprise search engine followed by Apache Solr, also based on Lucene.

Elasticsearch is a distributed, open source search and analytics engine, designed for horizontal scalability, reliability and easy management. It combines the speed of search with the power of analytics via a sophisticated, developer-friendly query language covering structured, unstructured and time-series data.

Here is what we found while exploring Elasticsearch at SourceEdge:

  • Elasticsearch provides the most powerful full-text search capabilities.
  • Stores entities in Elasticsearch as structured JSON documents.
  • Elasticsearch can be used to search all kinds of documents. It provides scalable search.
  • All fields are indexed by default and all the indices can be used in a single query to easily return complex results at a fast pace.
  • We have implemented Elasticsearch¬†in a project at SourceEdge to enhance fast retrieving of data and to store data in terabytes which is used for analysis.