Mobile strategies must focus on the mobile person with computing everywhere around them.

The explosive growth in mobile computing is on enterprise radars everywhere. Currently, enterprises only make limited use of applications via mobile device; however, the increased focus on digitization is now driving application development for mobile platforms and related monitoring requirements. What is the effect of the trend? What are the best-practice policies for organizations? How do you measure results?

Consider These Factors to Determine Your Readiness:

  • Enterprise Architecture:

    Where does mobility fit in IT? What resources are there to plan, operate and support mobility technologies? How do you prioritize mobile projects for funding and resources, given so many competing demands?

    Technology Evolution:

    How will you track and manage fast-changing, nonstandard technologies? Where will you place your bets between competing mobile solutions?

    Mobile Applications:

    How do you prioritize mobile application development to deliver the highest business impact? What tools, technologies, skills and processes will you need to put in place to deliver mobile apps?


    What processes, training and technologies will you put in place to control access to resources and data while mobile?