Contract staffing or temporary staffing has been around for a long time now in different forms and shapes. In the past, this model was used mainly in the field of agriculture and construction. Gradually we saw other industries as well using this model and started employing people to address their various business needs. It is … Continued

What IT trends and technologies should be on every organization’s planning radar? Digital technologies — mobile, social, big data and cloud — are disrupting businesses everywhere by revolutionizing the role technology plays in our everyday lives. Research focused on upcoming trends and predictions will position you to stay agile and plan strategically to take advantage … Continued

Most enterprises realize the value of effective success stories (also known as case studies). Yet many product managers struggle with the task of actually developing them. This post describes seven proven techniques for how to write success stories. Convince the Customer In many enterprises, the number one factor that limits development of success stories is … Continued